Cool things

Two cool things this week – that is things that I have just come across that do something I need today:

Windows Live Sync – I find myself travelling quite a bit at the moment, this free and simple to use software is keeping my files up to date and where I need them, in my case a server, a laptop, a netbook and a mac.  At last software that does what I want at a price I like.

Just Fix It – I am not usually a Redmund groupie, but this is another item that caught my attention, then a day later it presented itsself to fix on a problem on one of our laptops.  This is Microsoft’s new button called (funnily enough) “Fix It”.   In certain cases when you find yourself looking for help for a problem with MS software you will now find a Fix It button.  Basically a bit of active-X later and hopefully your problem is fixed without you working through the fix manually.  By chance having read this C-Net Beyond Binary  one of our laptops developed a problem, and being Vista volunteered a fix to the problem the next morning, clicking the link gave the usual (or unusual) explanation of what caused the problem and the new Fix It button.  So I try it and it works, offers a test to ensure the problem is fixed (it is) and then asks for feedback.  I like it!  Lets see if it gains momentum…


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