Mobiles get interesting again

IPhones’ have become the jewelry of choice for many and rightly so, they are attractive and supremely use-able.  They have also introduced real world smart phones to a generation of mobile users who never had a reason to have one before.  What was once the domain of “business users” is now a mainstream expectation for the trend following majority.  Disclosure – I come from the UK, where the culture of changing phones as often as you buy new clothes has developed the way the mobile carriers price and retain customers.

Equally interesting was an afternoon I spent with a couple of CTO’s from a computer behemoth and an innovative Internet player.  Both of them had IPhone’s and in  a sad “my toy is better than yours” session I found myself learning lots about my Nokia E71 that I had never taken the time to explore.  The (unanimous) conclusion was that the E71 had better features and functionality than the IPhone.   I was pleased that I hadn’t bought a “pup” but it didn’t stop me from being envious of the touch screen and it’s usability.  Now the (Apple) countdown is moving towards the announcement of the details of  IPhone 3.0 (today US time) where some of the things that forced techie IPhone friends to accept defeat may well be fixed (cut and paste, tethering, MMS for example) – lets see what the day brings.

My long time fave Palm are also making UK news with speculation on which carrier will have the exclusive rights to sell the forthcoming Palm Pre.  By all accounts (including mine) the Pre will offer genuine competition to the IPhone at all levels including the business user.

Still to rise to it’s full potential is Google’s Android, and announcements on O/S updates and new hardware will keep this on the boil too.

This is great – technology (and technology choice) that can be used effectively and intuitively and kill off some of our legacy tethers – am I being too optimistic?

UPDATE – Apple detailed their 3.0 IPhone software features.  As widely predicted Cut and Paste will feature along with MMS, Systemwide search, push notifications and P2P communications.  So all the things a good smartphone should have then – except still no support for Adobe Flash.


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