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Video over IP

I was pleased to renew my acquaintance with Dan Cordingley of Teradici last week.  Dan and I caught up over dinner during his visit to London to launch some specialist bank trading floor products with partner Amulet-Hotkey.

The Amulet product is a very neat trading desk solution that does the KVM for the entire desk (4 screens or more) including the complex stuff like Reuters or Bloomberg – but with the new product the actual PC’s in a remote location – and no limitation on the distance.  It’s all carried over IP.  This is where Teradici’s PCoIP  chip technology is leveraged (in the Amulet solution they have embedded their and Teradici’s chips into a Dell blade).  I sat in on demonstrations with a number of investment banks, all of whom were extremely enthusiastic.  Think secure, managed data centre environment rather than chaotic under desk.  Then think how much heat and power drain just moved off your trading floor.  Interesting.

But Teradici have not stopped there, they also demonstrated their chips embedded in a flat screen with build in ethernet – linked via IP to a VM Ware host.  Are you getting excited yet?  If not I should also mention this is the tip of the iceberg for what Dan plans for his product set over the coming years.

One to watch.